I moved to Malaysia when I was 21 and worked for a Google like company, and after 2 years I left because of a big desire to start my own little thing. Going back and forth from 2013 to 2015, from growing balls and losing my fear somewhere on the road, in August 2015 I found a friend who said: ok let’s do this. Ever since, many things have changed, my team, my vision, my courage of reaching my dreams, my everything. I changed my house, the country I was living in, I changed my friends. I learned to keep myself together, to motivate myself when there is nobody there and to surround myself with people who don’t bring drama and who are not haters.

This is why this week I decided to tell you why I think a startup needs at least a year to take off ( because I didn’t believe what people told me when I first started)

Your co-founder(s) & your team

It took me about 3 years to find a team I can rely on. If you will ask me why, or why one needs a team, well, there are a couple of reasons.

First is the fact that nobody is talking to you if you don’t have a team. They ( investors, other entrepreneurs, media) all like to know people and to know that you managed to put a team together, not a group of people working for a project.

Second is because you need to admit it, you are not good in everything and at some point you need to share tasks.

Thirdly, but not last is the fact that you are going to burn out soon, my friend. Sometimes sooner than you expected. And that is the point when you realise that you can’t climb this mountain by yourself.

It took me so long to find the best team because it was hard first to find people that can resonate with my startup idea, people who can actually commit to being in a long term partnership with me and the other members of my future team and have the time to do it.

Now, I can happily say we are a 4 people happy team, 2 nationalities living in 3 countries.

Your logo, your website, your logo, your MVP

It took us about 5 months to get THE logo we absolutely love. Why? Well, because at the beginning of the project we were 2 people and none of us could design a logo and the guy on freelancer that we paid did a half-done job. When we finally got our logo done, we had to set up a website, followed up by a new website and new corrections and then it was time for an MVP.


Unfortunately we all know that money doesn’t grow in trees nor in your mama’s back yard. Therefore, all the activities you do and time you are investing in getting money is time off from working for your startup. The number of hours spent for your current job equals to the number of hours you cannot invest in your baby startup


You will mess it up many times. As I already mentioned, things will not always look like you want and imagine. Sometimes progress comes in batches, this is what I’ve learned, it’s not always constant and as much as you would like to move things in a certain direction on a certain timeline, it’s not always the case and you can’t always make it due to things that are not always in your control.

Your job

If you already have a job you are a lucky and unlucky person at the same time. Lucky, because you don’t have to live or cry at your parents door for money, but at the same time unlucky because you are spending between 8 and 10 hours a day with that job of yours.

In conclusion I will tell you not to panic, because patience and perseverance is the key for all good things in life.

Yours faithfully,

Alex the CEO