When you think of the options you have when deciding what kind of career path you wanna take and where you would like to make an internship, the possibilities start to become endless. Moving abroad, staying in your own country, working for a corporation, medium size company ooorrr….a startup.

Having worked my whole life in startups, I developed a love hate relationship with them, maybe because the society didn’t get me used to fast changing environments, but after the last 5 years, I can say that this is the only option that I would ever endorse. Here’s why:

You will have real responsibilities and never get bored

Working for a startup is not easy but it’s very fulfilling. Due to generally having small teams, you will not have time to get bored and you will be assigned real responsibilities. Worry not, doing competitors research is also part of the job but more ,,goodies’’ are about to come.

You will learn a lot about how companies work because there is no hierarchy

Working in a startup team is supposed to be much easier than working for a big company. Here there is generally no hierarchy and everybody has something to say and an opinion to be listened.

You will never get bored

The types of activities that you need to do in a startup vary as often as you change your socks and literally, there is no time for you to get bored.

You will get to wear different hats and experience multiple roles in a short period of time

Maybe you haven’t ever heard of all these names or maybe you just read about them in a business book, but in a startup you can easily jump from coding, UX, project or product management, marketing, content creation or product launch. And yes, you can do it all while being in an internship. As human resources in startups are very valuable and the deadlines are tight, you will have the chance of experiencing it all in a short period of time. Therefore, if you haven’t decided yet what you want to do or what you like best, this is your chance!

You will build a brand new network of professionals, creatives, startup owners, investors and mentors

As you may already know, networking in your early 20s is one of the most important things you have to do. Working for a startup you will get to encounter many people of different types and professional backgrounds, many of them who can be great contacts for your further projects and career. Don’t be shy, enjoy the ride and get to know as many people as you can.

You will force yourself to become the best version of yourself and give your best

While working under a lot of pressure, you will need to surpass your ordinary way of work and give your best while meeting deadlines. Being great at what you do teaches you discipline, attention to detail and motivates you to do more and get people to appreciate ,,the intern’’. Moreover, as work is never done in a startup, comparing to working for a regular company that already has all the processes into place and where you only need to follow instructions, you will always find things about yourself that you didn’t know existed and that might actually prove that you are greater and maybe know more than you thought.

You will be put in situations to solve situations of activities you didn’t think you can solve them before

What is cool about startups is the fact that there will be situations where you will not know what to do and how to solve problems. And what is cooler than building new skills ( if for example you need to fix an IT problem you didn’t know how before) and finding solutions to problems that can occur overnight?

You will end up with a bunch of technical skills after this experience

Because most startups have small teams, if you don’t know something or if you want to build a new technical skill, this is your chance. People are generally more willing to help out, explain and teach you.

You will become more solution oriented and learn a ton about business If by now the society always taught you that there is always there to solve your problems: clothes, paying bills for you, etc, now is the time you can learn what real responsibility feels like. In tough situations, you need to count on yourself and your teams, therefore, you can now be solution oriented.