Looking for reviews is a handy way of getting valuable insights into a product, service, and why not, your future job. You can fully count on other’s real-life experiences. Thus you can learn what (not) to do, how to take advantage of opportunities or how to set the right expectation. That’s why we talked with two interns who told us more of what really happened in their startup internship.

Here is what F. said:

For three months I did an internship in an Austrian startup. They moved to Amsterdam and went through an accelerator program. During this time, due to my studies, I had to go through an internship. I wanted to do it in a startup. I’ve been already involved in a lot of projects for corporates and big brands. And at that moment, I wanted to experience the way startups build their way up, and how they go from being knocked down to getting back on their feet and pushing even harder.

My overall experience was really positive and I learned a lot in such little time. The stress level is high, but I recommend it to everyone that likes to be challenged.

I do remember one of the most adventurous projects. This was our demo presentation. In total, there were over 600 people present and around 100 of them were important investors. And I was in charge of creating the visual presentation for our pitch. Quite nice, huh? Throughout the day we got a lot of positive feedback on our presentation and pitch: the best reward you can get for all your hard work!”

The same applies to D., who not only joined a startup but also switched domains:

Working as an intern in a startup was an adventure. I am coming from the film industry, and I do have to admit that this was a whole new world. Even though I wasn’t used to it, due to the non-hierarchical structure, I had the possibility of learning from all team my members. Sharing my daily struggles and accomplishments with my colleagues, and their support made it worth all my efforts.”

In the end, our team agrees on this. As a young person, starting your career inside these buzzing organizations is an adventure all the way. Without knowing, you get over your limits, expand your network and quickly improve your professional skills.

You can say that what really happens in a startup internship summarizes to this. You are a part of an adventure, where you get plenty of challenges to overcome. But most importantly, you can learn something from everyone.

That being said, are you ready to buckle up and enjoy?