I was in Websummit last week and I had a blast. 

So, before I start telling how it’s been and if the experience was worth it, I wanna talk a bit about Lisbon as a city and Portugal as a country.

Several conclusions.

I am not exactly sure why Portugal was chosen to hold this huge, amazing event, but one can really see the effect it had on Lisbon and Portuguese economy in general. ( Economical)

Ever since I’ve first step foot in this country for the first time, I’ve known one thing for sure: Portuguese knows how to sell themselves. Besides beautiful landscapes, they have amazing branding campaigns both for the country and most important cities. ( branding)

Many times I feel that Portugal is being sold like: Everything you need in life, even if prices plummeted in the past 3 years and tourists are taking over.

Now, back to Websummit.

Before I say anything, keep in mind that anything I say is subjective. The event venue is huge and it’s very hard to cover it all.

I ended up here with a Woman in tech ticket and I felt appreciated somehow, even if I didn’t see much “women in tech” gather-ups, activities and stuff, besides the Booking.com lounge that I’m still not sure how it was working. 

Overall I think the event was worth it. I’ve met some really cool people, I’ve seen some amazing speakers, I’ve met amazing entrepreneurs in the booths that I have visited. 

Content-wise, it was not the most amazing thing I’ve seen simply because the people that were speaking were either interviewed and basically you had to see what the interviewer asked, they either didn’t have much time to say much, as most talks were pretty short or simply because some of them talked about something totally different than what they were actually supposed to talk about.

Startup wise and people and the connections you were able to make: IT’S TOTALLY WORTH IT.

It really opened my mind in the way technology is changing everybody’s life and it was awesome to see all kinds of tech trends emerging in different fields of activity: travelling, fintech, marketing, jobs or medicine. 

Was it worth it to be there for 4 days? Totally, because time passes so fast that you don’t even know when the day is gone. Are these 70 k people one of the coolest, most brilliant people you can see? For sure.

Now, even If I thought that event apps are the most useless thing ever, this is the first time that I’ve used it and found it super useful, when it comes to finding the talks I wanted to see, people I was meeting, companies, stands and so on.

As I’ve never been to an event this big, it’s very hard to compare. However, as I’ve been to tons of conferences before I have some comments to make:

  1. Everyone is there to make business. IF you take them out of their business talk and make a joke, people lose their speech and it’s amazing to see how they freak out in their head
  2. Everyone is there for business, therefore it’s hard to “make friends”. Oh, I kinda mentioned this before
  3. Food was weh, I really believe things could have been better when it comes to thing. 
  4. I’ve seen Sofia the robot, but I really wished she was allowed to talk more.

The best advice I’ve received during these 4 days is that “ the hard way is the easy way and the easy way is the hard way”.

Overall if people would ask me” would you ever go back to Websummit”? I think I would but only if I would have a proper business goal, as opportunities are endless.

Want to see the whole video story? Watch it here