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Together with you, we want to change and transform the job environment by creating a platform of community powered content and resources for companies & leaders that are ready to be the example. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to be the go to place when it comes to company culture design as well as the coolest place to find the best jobs out there.

Making an Impact

We aim to create the leaders of tomorrow   the only way to do this is to have the best people out there coming together and learning from each other.


We believe in transparency, feedback and working with the most awesome people out there. 

Why we started Date a Startup


We are on a mission to to relight the spark between companies and their current and future team members. Going to tons of interviews where people treated you badly or they didn’t understand themselves the aims of the jobs they were interviewing for, is something we want nobody to experience again.   

This is why back in 2017 we decided to build Date a Startup and teach people how to choose the best jobs for them, help companies attract and retain great talent perfectly fitted with their team and growth needs. 

We want to Introduce Date a Startup, a powerful platform that will help everyone find their team match.

Fearless Leaders

Meet the front line team which will help you bring your company to the next level. Although we’re not engineers, believe us, you can trust us 🙂

Paweł Pankowicz

Paweł Pankowicz

Project Manager

Paweł as a ‘global citizen’ has so far lived in 4 countries and he’s been working in communications and marketing for the past 7 years, including international NGOs and several startups. His passion for company culture and people development led him to specialize in company culture design and employer branding, with already proven results. 

Alexandra Nicorici

Alexandra Nicorici

Founder Date a Startup

Alex has been working in online marketing for the past 9 years and her passion for company culture design grew once she had the chance to work for companies internationally recognized for their culture, such as Mindvalley or Ever since, she implemented her knowledge in projects regarding international NGOs or small companies with growing teams.

Perks & Benefits


Remote work

We are not a big fan of offices and we love and respect our freedom. We believe in self discipline and this is why we do all our work remotely.


International team

We are an international team, as we believe in diversity and learning from each other. The international experience is meant to bring a different perspective in all our work. 

Flexible time schedule

We are here to work for you and like to choose the time during which want to work in order to always deliver what we promised, as we like to keep our word.

Personal development

We highly believe in long life learning, therefore personal development is something we take very seriously and we invest  in podcasts, books or conferences. 

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