Last week I went to the final of Social Impact Award in Bucharest and I was very pleased to see that there is hope and people come up with the most innovative solutions to social problems. The jury was made of bank and partners representatives, as well as Bucharest hub owners.

There are a couple of projects that caught my attention, such as THATS (a wikipedia for blind people), Fabrica de experimente ( it’s currently a chemistry prototype box that gives kids the chance to make experiments where water is involved, going from theory to practice, helping children understand better natural sciences) and Spico (a gluten free kitchen) . Even though small, they were acknowledged as being the ones with the highest chances of having an immediate impact in the society and were rewarded with 1500 euros cash prize.

After hearing the10 finalist pitches, one could happily enjoy some wine and great food. BothUniversitatea Alternativa and The Entrepreneurship Academy, that were the hosts of this event, always offer a great environment of making new friends over wine and amazing cookies ( I must admit that).

Before announcing the winners, there was a small panel whose subject of discussion was the evolution education in Romania mostly and about the new wave of entrepreneurs who are starting their own business to be cool and trendy ( but the reason why they do this it doesn’t really matter, does it?), about the coalition for education in Romania and how the society needs more entrepreneurs that can have an impact in the society and help the country and people to have a prosperous life.


What I’ve learned there is that it’s all about the attitude and how much you are reaching for your dreams, how much you want to make a change for you and for others. Something to be mentioned is the fact that Romania and Eastern Europe especially, were built and taught over the past 50 years at least to be a society where people don’t help each other, kids are being taught by only putting emphasis on errors and not successes. Moreover, the same society is not encouraging small businesses, many people getting discouraged by the bureaucracy and hate that was created among people by communist times.

I left the event having had 2 glasses of wine and a dumb smile on my face thinking that the world can be a better place if we all believe in it.

Yours faithfully,

Alex the CEOD