When I decided to join Date a Startup, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I can happily say that I’m starting to like it.

One of the lessons I’ve recently learned is the fact that when you work in the world of startups, it’s important to build a good network from other start-ups, to associations, different organisations, investors or students.

That’s why Carles and me (Juli) went for a networking event made by Pick & Pow in our lovely hometown, Barcelona. The event is called Start-Up my Rooftop, at Club Catwalk. The event is organised by our friends from Pick and Pow, and it’s an electro music event organised on a rooftop, gathering startup owners and investors. And I do have to admit, the experience was interesting and enriching. We felt privileged to be surrounded by people full of ideas while enjoying good music.

We started the evening with a meeting with Alexander Chacon, the CEO of Pick & Pow. He and his team created a platform to support and promote new start-ups. After, we talked to Electronic and Bakery, a company that arranges events and produces electronic music. If you are wondering what the subjects were, well, we were planning future partnerships. Moreover, we got in touch with investors and founders, and got plenty of ideas from them.

After doing a lot of talking to many interesting people, together with Carles, we evaluated the event and got enthusiastic when sharing the news about it with our colleagues, Alex and Ioana. Start-ups are going big in Barcelona and it got our hopes us, which means there are plenty of people to whom we can give a hand in their search of looking for an intern. And hey, everyone seemed very interested in our project, so hands up for this!

For sure networking brings you lots of ideas and future partnerships and we are eager to go for the next Pick & Pow event. For sure we will keep seeking entrepreneurship lovers and interns around the world.

I’ll keep you up to date with the next events in Barcelona,