We all know that for fresh graduates, gaining experience is a great issue. Most degrees provide great content and valuable knowledge, but unfortunately, when youngsters graduate, real world slaps them hard. Students face the challenge of remembering everything they have learned in University and put knowledge into practice in order to become great professionals and a great addition to any team or company. This is how internships were born, to fill a gap and develop a stage for young professionals to develop skills, abilities and become the best version of themselves. .

Most of us started our career with an internship  and we thought of answering 3 basic questions that can help you take a decision when it comes to your early stage career.

1. One common question that we get is ‘Do I have the proper age to do an internship’?

63.2% of the European interns are between 21-25 years old and only 22.6% are between 26 and 30. These being said, one can have an internship anytime he considers appropriate.

2. How do I find an internship?

Even though we are building a bridge between Small and medium entreprises, startups and students or graduates, we are not a recruiting company. That’s why it’s really interested to find out what are the trends in job-hunting resources. With only 25.9% of the employees finding a vacancy by using search engines, we are also focused on working with universities (which represents 18.5%).

3. How do I know that I am going to be happy with the internship I choose?

When we look at the rating given by interns to the internship quality (salary, travel expenses, housing and more), we can see that just about 7.4% were considered excellent and about 16.2%, good. This means that there are another 76.4% unsuccessful experiences which left a bad taste for both the intern and the employer. Now, digging deeper into the data, the rate of success grows significantly, once a mentor enters the equation. In this case, the majority of respondents rated their experience either excellent (20.7%) or good (33.5%). In other words, one of the keys of a good internship is to have somebody who can guide your professional development.

Hoping for a better world, Date a Startup is here to help you achieve your goals, have an amazing internship and grow as a professional.


Carles, the IT guy

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