Juggling between professional development and studies is tricky at times. There are a couple of tips you can put into practice to keep a balance between your internship and studies. Even the Date a Startup team was put in similar situations, and we pulled it off. Curious to see how we did it?

1. Be realistic

Now that you got your internship, you are probably extremely happy about it. But you have to take into consideration that now you will have to almost split yourself into three, your school life, your professional life, and your social life. They are all important aspects that kept in balance will make you feel good. When talking to your employer, tell him/her what is your real schedule and establish achievable goals. Also, book some hours per week to meet your friends as this will relax you and charge your batteries.

2. Be organized

And yes, it is about schedules. When you have so many activities on your plate, it’s good to have an agenda to stick to. This will not only help you in juggling with your time, but you will also be able to track your performances. Not to forget, being organized will come handy once you will be the real pro you want to. As an advice, try to connect your internship to your school so that they complete each other. For example, keep some days only for your internship and some only for school.

3. Establish your goals

As in every business, having a goal to pursue is the key to development. You have to be organized, realistic, go to school and finish your internship. A lot of activities, right? Sometimes you might end up asking yourself, for what? Take a piece of paper and see where you want to head to in all of the levels. In the end, you will become more focused and concentrate your energy on what really matters for you.

4. Take an internship, but not for more than one semester

As said before, you have to be realistic. Having to split yourself all the time takes a lot of energy. This will eventually make you feel drained. You do not want your tasks to interfere with each other and end up having a bad influence, right?

5. Keep yourself motivated

We all go through rough times, and we think we can’t finish our multiple challenges. In the end, everything will turn out good, as long as we keep ourselves motivated. While we were having our internships, not only once our work duties piled up next to the school ones. It takes a bit of work to go through your tasks, but the reward you get at the end makes you feel it was all worth it. You might have heard it multiple times, but yes, reaching your goals means making an effort.

Let us know if you put into practice our ideas and what was the result. Did you balance out between your internship and studies?