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5 Things Startups Want from Their Interns

Like always, the job market is changing. This doesn’t go only for the skills and the knowledge one has to have to get the job he/she wants, but also for the expectations an employer has. When it comes to big corporations, you kind of know already what are the...

Why startups need at least a year to take off

I moved to Malaysia when I was 21 and worked for a Google like company, and after 2 years I left because of a big desire to start my own little thing. Going back and forth from 2013 to 2015, from growing balls and losing my fear somewhere on the road, in August 2015 I...

Our First Pick & Pow Event in Barcelona

When I decided to join Date a Startup, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I can happily say that I’m starting to like it. One of the lessons I’ve recently learned is the fact that when you work in the world of startups, it’s important to build a good...

How to Get Your Dream Job when You Are Not Fully Qualified

It’s there!!! After spending your last few weeks on hunting your dream job on every website or group you could find, you finally found the job you know it fits you. You make an awesome CV and put all your soul into writing the perfect cover letter. But then…it strikes...

Social Impact Award Romania. Lessons and conclusions

Last week I went to the final of Social Impact Award in Bucharest and I was very pleased to see that there is hope and people come up with the most innovative solutions to social problems. The jury was made of bank and partners representatives, as well as...

5 Ideas to Make Your Own CV Template

Now that you are ready to take your first steps in the professional world, there are a couple of things you should be doing in the preparation phase. Next to letting your network know that you are looking for a job, writing a top-notch cover letter and getting ready...

Dating Tips You Can Use for Interviews

What do dating and interviews have in common you might ask. Actually, more than you think. The idea is simple: during both, you have to put an extra effort in introducing yourself, show your qualities, and try to learn as much as possible about your counterparty....

Why did I choose to go on Erasmus?

Today we're going back to the basics. Before starting an amazing professional life, studying is an important step. And studying in an international environment is #zabest. Today, Froggy Alexandra, the #CEOgirl, is saying about her studies in Portugal, made possible...

5 stupid interviews I have been to

Nowadays the job applicants are asking for too much money and they can't least that's what quite some recruiters are saying...Though, is it completely true? Maybe, but maybe, the truth lies somewhere in between. This #CEOgirl episode is all about...

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