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5 Personality Traits Startups Are Looking in An Intern

Working in a startup is can sometimes be more than challenging. While putting crazy hours in the next big thing, teams are also creating their own company culture and processes from scratch. Fortunately, there's a mix of personality traits people are looking for in an...

5 Reasons Why We Procrastinate

Hi there, Alex writing. Now, we all read read tons of articles on procrastination. Why do people procrastinate and why would you even stop doing it? Since I've started working on Date a Startup, I’ve tested quite some methods and I guess nothing worked as sometimes...

5 Pieces of Advice while Working for a Foreign Company

Hi, Alex again. Today I am planning to tell you more about a subject becoming more and more stringent for millennials. With so many opportunities of developing yourself professionally internationally, what are the best pieces of advice so you can enjoy an amazing...

Startery CEE Review

've just came back to Bucharest after I spent some time in Warsaw where I participated in the Social Impact Labs Berlin entrepreneurship training event, sponsored by SAP. As you can image, there were tough days, full of revelations, new friendships, loads of cold...

The Lean Canvas – Know Your Startup as the Back of Your Hand

When you start building your business you need to have a sharp view of what and how you will put into practice your ideas. It goes from knowing your resources, defining key benefits, and what makes your product/service better. While there are quite some pieces to...

Internships in Numbers

We all know that for fresh graduates, gaining experience is a great issue. Most degrees provide great content and valuable knowledge, but unfortunately, when youngsters graduate, real world slaps them hard. Students face the challenge of remembering everything...

Why every college student should intern in a startup

When you think of the options you have when deciding what kind of career path you wanna take and where you would like to make an internship, the possibilities start to become endless. Moving abroad, staying in your own country, working for a corporation, medium size...

What Really Happens in A Startup Internship?

Looking for reviews is a handy way of getting valuable insights into a product, service, and why not, your future job. You can fully count on other's real-life experiences. Thus you can learn what (not) to do, how to take advantage of opportunities or how to set the...

How to Have a Great Internship and Sky-Rocking Grades

Juggling between professional development and studies is tricky at times. There are a couple of tips you can put into practice to keep a balance between your internship and studies. Even the Date a Startup team was put in similar situations, and we pulled it off....

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