Like always, the job market is changing. This doesn’t go only for the skills and the knowledge one has to have to get the job he/she wants, but also for the expectations an employer has. When it comes to big corporations, you kind of know already what are the requirements. You should be reliable, willing to dedicate your time to becoming a good professional, with a proven interest in the domain and the company. But what happens when you are about to apply to a startup for your next internship and you don’t have any idea of what they will expect you to bring to the table? With the help of a couple of other fellow entrepreneurs, we made a list of five things owners would like to see from you.

1. Flexibility and understanding

Once you will join a startup you will see how dynamic the environment is. Being in a small team means that decisions are taken rapidly, and the strategy is swiftly adapted to the demands of the market. This leads to the creation of new projects where you will be involved. Let’s say you are extremely good in marketing, there will be a chance that you will be asked to give a hand in some sales projects. Maybe in using your magic eye in organising a killer client presentation. Take advantage, as an internship will not bring you experience only in your field, but it will also broaden your perspectives. And yes, if you don’t think you can do a good job in the specific project, you can always let know your coordinator.

2. Be daring

When we say daring, we say don’t be afraid to come up with your own ideas. Do you have a cool idea of how the website could look like? Or have you spotted a good potential partner? Just bring it on. From our experience, all ideas are welcomed and not only once a fresh eye brought us insights we could have never seen. If you don’t like being the center of attention, especially when coming up with something new, you can book a meeting with your boss. Even as an intern, you will be appreciated.

3. Be dedicated

Putting their ideas into practice was a dream for the founders of the startup. Therefore, they want everything to work smoothly. They will invest all energy to get their business up and running and keep it there. For this they need people who are willing to dedicate resources and time and who believe in the startup’s business model. They also need someone who is ready to follow a goal, even though it might get hard to get to it. How to be sure you can be dedicated? Before starting your internship, try to imagine yourself working in the particular domain of the company for a longer time and see if its mission fits you.

4. Be a team player

Having a good team is the core of any business. The team members come with the idea, put it into practice and introduce it to the market. As you already know, the team is motor behind everything. Even as an intern, you are immediately a part of the family, for good and bad. As an advice, before joining a startup, just forget the norms you see in bigger companies. You will be a family member on which your colleagues will count on and respect.

5. Get stuff done

This goes for every type of company, no matter the industry or the size. OK, we know that sometimes it’s impossible to finish your new project, but showing the will to do it, making some steps to achieving your goal, doing an assessment of your work matters a lot, even though you don’t accomplish your mission.

We hope you liked our list. Let us know if you have something to add 😉

See you soon!