Hi there,

Alex writing. Now, we all read read tons of articles on procrastination. Why do people procrastinate and why would you even stop doing it? Since I’ve started working on Date a Startup, I’ve tested quite some methods and I guess nothing worked as sometimes I’m still doing the same mistakes. Thinking of how I can change my attitude I’ve discovered 5 reasons why I procastinate:

1. I am resistant to change.

I moved abroad 3 times and I changed places and people. I’ve always been afraid of change and of the thought about the rough times that are coming as part of the package. THEY SCARE ME!!! I am therefore procratinating because I am afraid to change. I procastinate when I have to finish a book and when I have to do my weekly yoga practice.

2. Out of lazziness. I guess.

3. I procrastinate because maybe I need a push

That’s because I think there are stuff that I wanna do, but they are not very important for me, at a certain moment. I didn’t procastinate when I wanted to leave Romania, as that seemed like an ultimate goal for me, but I do procastinate when taking on a new project because maybe I am afraid or not motivated enough to get it done.

4. At that moment, things don’t seem that important to me

For example, I delayed growing my hair for years because this didn’t seem like a good thing to do for myself. The moment I started to look more like a girl, something clicked and I wanted more of that. This is how I started wearing lipstick.

5As most people I think I procrastinate because I think there’s much till the future, but the future is only 1 second away. And the future is gonna be the present and so on.

Why do you procastinate?