Working in a startup is can sometimes be more than challenging. While putting crazy hours in the next big thing, teams are also creating their own company culture and processes from scratch. Fortunately, there’s a mix of personality traits people are looking for in an intern which go hand in hand with today’s generation of career starters.

1. Passion and self-motivation combined

This mix is actually the base of each startup. Founders built their businesses due to an idea in which they believed, and in which they decided to invest their energy, time and knowledge. Normally, they are looking for someone who shares a similar vision. As an intern, you will also feel you fit better once you align with your team.

Talking about self-motivation, you will be having your own projects, and the freedom to implement them. But sometimes you need to give yourself an extra push. This complements accountability (number 4).

2. Flexibility

This is more than the ‘no 9 to 5 mentality’. A startup means the team is testing an innovative business model until they stabilize it and its market. Shortly, there will definitely be changes in your tasks or your projects. But you do have the advantage of choosing what you want to develop and impose your deadlines.

Plus, flexibility is about accepting the opinions of others. In a fast-paced organization, feedback is one of the key factors.

3. Entrepreneurial vision

People working in startups, be it founders or not, are characterized by one important trait, their entrepreneurship. They are able to see what is missing in the market, grab the opportunity, propose a product or a service and adapt it to according to the market’s needs. They are ambitious, ready to move mountains and take over the world.

4. Accountability

As a team member, everyone owns their projects. As you will see your ideas implemented, you are also responsible for their success. Some things might go wrong, but take it as a good learning opportunity. Having the chance of acting according to your own thoughts is one of the best achievements you will get during any internship. Overall, just be accountable, be willing to receive feedback and take pride in what you are doing.

5. Courage

Another biggie. Startup teams are challenged to make the impossible happen. They leave their stable jobs to hop on the adventure of their lifetime. But you also believe that everything can be done, right?

This is our list for today. How many of the personality traits startups are looking in an intern do you have?