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We help transform your culture

Whether a simple company culture book is what you need or want to deeply understand your team and develop a strategy to attract and retain top talented people, we’re here to back you up!


Grow your team

Hiring is a very time- consuming process and we understand this very well. We learned how to discover the best and most skilled people out there and we can help bring them in your company.


Candidates Resources

Through both video and written content, we are educating and discussing hot topics from the industry, involving both companies and those looking to upgrade their career.

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The education young people receive in school fails many times to meet the needs of the job market. This is why we made it out mission to help those that want to learn real life skills through beautifully designed workshops.

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We Build Long Lasting Relationships

Even if it comes to hiring new people or keeping the awesome people that are already in your team, we are here to support you all the way through your journey.

Research says over 52 % of people are constantly looking for a new job. It also states that millennials spend on average less than 2 years in a job.  This should not be the case in your company!

We are here to help you identify your company culture and help you improve the way  you communicate with your team. and how they feel about staying with your company, while creating a better and happier world  through the work that you do.

Things have been the same way for too much time and you can be one of the first game changers. You no longer need to be struggling with attracting amazing people for your vacancies and you now have the power to create an environment in which people strive.



“Date a Startup helped me understand my team's needs and customized a recruitment plan for my company. Professional and communicative every step of the way!”

Andrei- Company Manager

“Date a Startup not only worked hard on understanding what my company's needs, but developed in no time a company culture guideline we now us as our BIBLE. I couldn't have asked for more!”

Andreea- HR Manager


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