Dating a Startup

Imagine that getting the perfect internship is like dating. You lay eyes on each other, you meet and then you start dating.


Why get into this?

Market place value

We provide you real internship programs, not unpaid bartender jobs. We value your skills and we work on having you become the best version of yourself.

Fast learning environment

Startups are always pivoting and that’s how your role is going to be as well. Marketing, IT or business development, you can do it all.

Knowledge tracking system

Tracking your hard skills should be easy. We know how to help you define your progress to keep track of your professional development.

Local or international internships

Local or international, finding a good internship is hard. We are here to make you travel and work all over the world.

Are you ready? Let the adventure begin!

Start looking for an internship

How does this works?

How it works?

Recruit: To ask for the best you need to ask for them best. This is why you will only find companies that are matching our vision and are willing to provide internships that can skyrocket your career.

Consult: We are here to listen to you, understand your needs and what you are looking for.

Match: After understanding your needs, we will start the matching process.

Follow up: During and after the matching, we are going to constantly be in touch with you and see if your learning objectives are being achieved.

Still not convinced?

Check out our FAQ page and learn more about how it works!