Learn more about our internship program. How does it works for companies

You can apply for the program if you are a 1-2 years old startup or if you are a small or medium sized company, no matter the field of activity
You can register on the website, fill in your company profile and add your vacant internship. We take care of everything from there.
Looking for the best candidates for your available position(s), we expect the matching process to take about 2 weeks.
A knowledge tracking system is a plan that is developed for the intern and together with him, and that is meant to point steps through which the person who is doing an internship needs to go through in order to recognize a professional development during their traineeship. As a company representative, you will be the one in charge of its development and follow up with your intern.
You are going to be in touch with one of our team members, who will take good care of you, understand your needs and make sure you get the perfect intern/ startup to work with. We have 24/ 7 service so you can always get back to us and ask questions, advice, help or give feedback.
The program is free for the summer of 2016. The new pricing will be announced in September.


We are not just any other internships platform. We work on enhancing the learning process for the interns, by providing a knowledge tracking system and by promoting your projects and your progress on them while having an intern.


Secondly, we carefully select the interns we are sending your way, always looking for the best ones.


As part of the deal, you will be able to promote your story through our blog in the “My Internship story” weekly.

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Get in touch with us, out team will be happy to answer any question that you have